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"All we can say is thank you! As we sent our first child off to school we wanted him to gain independence, self-confidence and most importantly learn to love school and explore new experiences. NCP has exceeded our expectations on all levels. I can honestly say there has yet to be a day when I have picked our son up from school where he does not come running out of the class room beaming with excitement to tell me how much fun he had at school that day. That alone, is the most wonderful feeling for a parent. It is also a privilege to be part of the parent volunteer program at the school, being able to watch your child in the school environment is truly a great experience and the children are so proud to have "mom or dad" in the class for a day. The teachers impressively manage to get 15 three year olds to transition from station to station with engaged happy faces seamlessly! We cannot say enough good things about our experience at NCP, from the teachers, to the wonderful community of families; we trust that our child is in a warm, nurturing, and stimulating environment.

Thank you!"

The Poska Family - Norfolk



"Beginning with the morning playgroup, my children have been warmly welcomed into the NCP family. My daughter eagerly anticipates her school days and leaves with a bubbly smile. I have confidence that NCP is enriching her preschool years through stimulating, fun and energetic activities."

Valerie Cleverdon - Norfolk



"Norfolk Cooperative Preschool could not have been a better choice for our two children.  My husband and I were searching for a true 'nursery school', where our kids would learn in a fun, nurturing, play-based environment.  We wanted a school with a great community feeling, dedicated and loving teachers, and a structured but playful curriculum.  NCP turned out to be all these things and more.  I loved volunteering in my child's class throughout the year, getting a bird's eye view into their world!    And my kids so looked forward to all the fun 'extras' the school provided: yoga, music, field trips, and more.  But I truly realized how great the preschool was when my oldest started kindergarten.  It was then that I saw how well NCP had prepared him for school.  I can't say enough good things about NCP, and will be sad to one day leave it behind!"

Jen Cira - Medfield, MA

I highly recommend NCP! All 3 of my kids have been lucky enough to go through the school and every teacher is fantastic. They were well prepared for kindergarten (if not ahead of the game). We have been very happy.


Kim Byda - Norfolk

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