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Our Programs

We believe that children learn through play, so we offer a hands-on learning approach in a supportive atmosphere, where children learn to problem-solve, negotiate, make choices, and develop self-confidence in the following areas: 

Learning Centers: includes dramatic play, art, math, reading, science, writing, blocks, sensory exploration.

Circle Time: includes stories, musical instruments, singing and dancing!

Outdoor Play: Children play on our outdoor playground, sandbox, and go on nature walks with teachers. In inclement weather, our children enjoy our extensive indoor playroom. 

Field Trips & Enrichment: We take field trips to the Fire Station, a farm and Flipside Gymnastics. We also bring in educators from our community for music and dance, dental education, and Animal Adventures. Near the end of the school year, we offer those children who are moving on to Kindergarten a chance to ride the school bus from the preschool to the local Kindergarten, for an overview of school bus safety and to check out a kindergarten class. 

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